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During travel

Be safe during your time in the Schengen area.
Stay with friends
If you are travelling with friends in a group, stay together. Travelling in a group is safer than travelling alone; you are less likely to be targeted by thieves and can help each other stay safe.

If you do go off by yourself, make sure that your friends know where you are. Arrange a time and place to meet later.

Never leave your bags unattended
Keep bags and all possessions with you, do not put them down or leave them alone at any time. Leaving luggage or possessions (cameras, mobile telephones, etc) alone can make it easier for thieves to take them.

Keep your passport in a safe at the hotel
It is not advisable to carry your passport at all times. After checking-in at your hotel, leave your passport in your room. If your room has a safe, use this. If your room does not have a safe, ask at the reception if they have secure storage for your passport.

If you are carrying your passport, keep it on you at all time
If you do carry your passport, keep it on you at all times. Place it in a pocket or secure travel belt that must be fastened or locked.

Do not put your passport in a bag or other luggage as this could easily be stolen or lost.

Beware of pickpockets and their partners/assistants
Pickpockets (thieves) can often be found in tourist areas. It is important that you keep your possessions, and the possessions of your friends, safe. Many thieves work in groups, causing a distraction or speaking to you whilst other thieves take your wallet/pursue or bags.

This video gives advice on pickpockets in Spain, but the same information applies throughout the Schengen area:

Pickpockets: safety advice